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Nebulox, the ultra-light foam alumina thermal insulation offers very low thermal conductivity for high temperature applications up to 1700oC. Produced through a patented chemical synthesis process, from pure raw materials Nebulox products are free from fibre and hence safe for health and environment. The unique porous structure offers excellent thermal shock resistance over a wide temperature range.
Nebulox does not contain free silica, therefore stable in reducing, alkali and other harsh atmospheres and will not lose weight or shrink in such environments.

Nebulox is available with two chemical compositions, in standard sizes up to 400x300x50 mm. Any other sizes or special shapes/chemistry can be offered on request. It can be easily machined to suit the specific applications.

Nebulox is also available in the form of pellets as an aggregate as a raw material for producing high temperature insulating bricks and castables.

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