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Investment casting or lost-wax casting process is used for the manufacturing of net shape metal alloy components. Highly complex and critical components are manufactured to net shape by this process. The metal alloys may be ferrous, non-ferrous or super-alloys depending upon the criticality of the component application. The manufacturing process of the net shape components through investment casting involves the following steps.

CUMIHEAT White Fused Alumina grains are used for shell building and CUMISHARP WFA grains are used for the metal finishing part of the investing cast process.

The high temperature withstanding capability under load of CUMISHARP white fused alumina combined with a very low thermal expansion co-efficient, excellent thermal shock resistant, high chemical inertness, high slag resistant, and non-wettability characteristic of white fused alumina to metal alloys makes it an ideal material for shell building for investment casting.

Typical Applications
  • Aerospace components
  • Complex automotive components
  • Valves and pumps parts
  • Industrial machinery components
  • Scientific components
  • Medical components

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