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Production of white rice involves the milling of the rice seed to remove the chaff which produces brown rice, followed by further finishing to remove the bran i.e. the rest of husk, thereby producing white rice. The milling is done is a roller machine which consists of revolving cylindrical stone coated with a paste of abrasive mineral and sorel cement (Mg(OH)2 and MgCl2) in a proportionate amount of water.

The brown rice is polished by the rubbing action between the abrasive roller and the leather pad. The finished rice can be recycled into the process depending upon the desired quality of the rice.

CUMI SHARP grains are possesses high purity, which do not contaminate the rice, along with the high strength, high hardness and excellent wear resistance which provides uniform polishing of the rice, lower cycle time / processing time and better life to the paste on the rolling stone.


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