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Iron & Steel melting and casting industries usually referred as metallurgical industries uses Silicon carbide in the form of briquette or pellets or granule as an alloying agent for silicon & carbon or as reducing agent for the removal of excess oxygen.

CUMIMET is a special grade of metallurgical silicon carbide with 88% purity with very low sulphur & nitrogen content in the form of pellets is a prime source of silicon and carbon to the melt. It also improves the inoculating action thereby refining the distribution of graphite flakes or spheroidal graphite in the micro-structure offering more number of nucleation site. Apart from that, it removes the excess oxygen in the melt thereby reducing the pin hole porosity of the casting, improving the life of the furnace wall and by the exothermic nature of the oxidation reaction provides extra fluidity to the melt. These characteristics of CUMI-met makes it an ideal alloying agent and reducing agent for metallurgical operation.

Typical Applications
  • Automotive, pump & other industrial components made of S.G. Iron or gray iron.
  • As reducing agent in steel plants.

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