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Silicon Carbide Micro Grits are produced by milling of selected and cleaned macro grain feedstock.

The milling and classification is done in CUMI’s state of the art milling and classifying facilities which yields powders of tight distribution, consistent shape, high purity and low dust levels. A safety screening of the powders is carried out to further ensure that the grains are free of coarse particles.

An in-line particle size analyzer coupled to a fully automated control system delivers a high level of repeatability of the process and yields a very predictable product. Particle size counters are used for testing and reporting size distributions and a shape analyzer helps in fine tuning the process to obtain shape specific products for various applications.

Major applications include

  • Bonded abrasives
  • Coated abrasives
  • Super Finishing stones
  • Lapping
  • Silicon wafer slicing
  • Brake Liners
  • Diesel particulate filters

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