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Micro-porous insulation is the advanced insulation technology which exhibits superior insulation characteristics. It is used in the application where the largest temperature drop is required through the thinnest possible cross-section with the lowest possible mass. The micro-porous insulation is highly porous and is mainly composed of inorganic oxide, primarily fumed silica (Approx – 75-80 %) micro sized particle and micro sized opacifier (Approx – 15-20%).

Micro-porous insulation has the thermal conductivity lower than the still air in the range of 0.02 -0.04 W/mK at 200-800o C. The performance of the micro-porous insulation is based on the the ability of micro-porous insulation to block the three modes of heat transfer – Conduction, Convection and Radiation.

The conduction heat transfer is reduced due to the very high porosity and low density of the micro-porous insulation. The size of the voids in the structure is smaller than the mean free path of the air molecule which reduces the convection heat transfer. And billions of micron sized opacifier particles distributed homogeneously in the silica matrix absorbs the radiant heat at high temperature and re-radiate or distributes the heat back to the system thereby reducing the heat loss due to radiation.

CUMI offers micron sized Silicon Carbide particles in the size range of 2-5 microns which possesses high thermal conductivity with high emissivity which produces an excellent infrared radiation absorption and re-radiation characteristics. These characteristics of our micron silicon carbide makes it an ideal opacifier.

Typical Applications
  • Vacuum Insulation panel which is used for house insulation
  • Radiant heater insulation
  • Fire protection equipment.
  • Back up insulation in high temperature furnaces – Steel, Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum.
  • Aluminum Launders
  • Transfer ladle, Torpendo ladle and Tundish insulation.
  • Chimney and pipe insulation

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