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It takes a lot of heat, pressure and hard work to mould anything into shape. Building your career isn't any different. At CUMI, you will have all the right elements that you need to get to the top. The only difference is that, we'll make sure that you have loads of fun getting there. At CUMI we offer an exciting work environment (creative, open and challenging). Rewards, compensation and benefits are one of the best in the industry, and we recognise that these have their place in a career, but that there are other things too. We know that people choose a career for different reasons and at CUMI we aim to offer you as many reasons as we can to choose one with us.

CUMI often has exciting career opportunities in different parts of India and all over the world. Today CUMI is growing at a rapid pace. This growth necessitates greater investment in talent. If you have the passion to excel in your career, we at CUMI, provide you the right platform to translate your imaginations to reality. We have opportunities in various disciplines viz Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Finance, IT, HR, Research, Sales, Marketing and many more. We invite you to be a part of this committed and professionally managed Indian multinational.

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