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In Plasma spray coating, plasma state is generated using a superheated inert gas from a cathode. The gas is propelled from anode as plasma jet. Feedstock is injected into the plasma jet and sprayed on the substrate providing a uniform coating.

Thermal Spray coating enhances, protects and alter the surface properties of components thereby creating thermal barriers, wear resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance or electrical enhancement coating.

CUMI offers a variety of high quality thermal spray powders viz. high purity Alumina, Titania, Alumina-Titania and partially and fully stabilized Zirconia for various applications.

Typical Applications
  • Textile machine parts
  • Electronic components
  • Dielectric applications
  • Automotive sub-assemblies
  • Medical instruments
  • Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Components
  • Marine Coatings
  • Vanes, blades and combustion components
  • Pump components and mechanical Seals

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